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    July 20, 2022 · Food on train,food on train app,travelkhana
    Gazing at the landscapes of India through the canvas of a train window is a great experience one can ever have. However, travelling can also be quite challenging since you're confined to a small space and don't have access to food that's hygienic and nutritious. That's where RailRestro comes in! ...
    June 27, 2022 · Non-veg food deliver,non-veg food on trai,Railway catering app,Food in Train
    If you want to get non-veg food on train, you don’t need to long too much for your craving. IRCTC e-catering providers offer countries the most delightful non-vegetarian cuisines on Indian Railways. This is because it recognises how picky we Indians are when ordering non-vegetarian meals online. ...
    Pizza is one of the delicious delicacies you will never turn down, even if you are stuffed. Nowadays, you can pick different types and flavours of pizza. This cheesy bread is a popular pick for any occasion and teenage gatherings. Nothing beats relishing pizza in the train to make your journey...
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